How to install Windows XP without CD on my computer?

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I bought a new machine that contains the Windows XP operating system. But this computer did not come with its operating system CD and now i am experiencing slowness, difficulty in shutting down etc. The question i have now is that how can i reinstall windows XP without a cd? This is because i want to remove the old windows i had in my computer for restore my computers speed, functionality etc.

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How to install Windows XP without CD on my computer?

Most at times, it happens that some computer bought do not come with the installation CD along with it. But when it happens like that, don't panic because the solution is right here. Once you don't have a CD and you want to reinstall windows, just follow the steps give below and everything shall be put in place.
– Step 1: Access a copy of your operating system on your hard drive(usually drive C:). This is so because they did not put a copy of the operating system on the CD so it is located on the hard drive. The folder name is usually I386. Backing up the system will be recommended before reinstallation.
– Step 2: Also make sure you have the product key for the windows you are running or the windows in the computer (hard drive). This product key/serial, is located on the hard drive too. Copy this product key for later use during installation of your new system.
– Step 3: Look for the file WINNT32.exe in the C:I386 directory, when this file is located, this is the file that runs the operating system. Most people look for some file name like: Setup.exe or Windows.exe. But those filenames do not consist of the executable for the operating system. The file named WINNT32.exe is the file that runs the operating system.
– Step 4: Now double click on the WINNT32.exe file and this will run the operating system. And from this point onwards, you can install the operating system like normal and not that you must have the serial/product key that you copied from the file because you will need it during the installation.
– Step 5: Follow the instructions till the installation is complete and then you will have your new system up and Running like the new on you had before when you bought the computer.
– Step 6: You are done and your computer has been reinstalled without a CD. Welcome to Windows again.

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