Windows 7 know me and help me

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What is the windows 7

Can anyone help me explaining this?

been wondering what this is all about

thank you

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Windows 7 know me and help me



   Windows 7 is a operating system as windows xp, windows vista, Mac or Linux etc.

Every computer basically wants one operating system so user can use that computer. Without any operating system the computer is nothing. And all other program like Microsoft word, Photoshop internet browser, messenger and any game run after a operating system run. And without any operating system we cannot run these programs.

Windows 7 is the newest operating system version of Microsoft Corporation. It has many new features like gadgets, visual display, more capacity and faster also.

In a result we can say that a window 7 is new generation software.

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Windows 7 know me and help me



What an interesting question!

Well let’s get started from the basic question, and that is what is windows?

WINDOWS: windows is an operating system (The most important program to run on a computer). Every computer must have an operating system which runs other programs. It performs the basic functions, like recognizing the input from the keyboard, send output to the screen, record the files and folders on the hard disk, and also control the outputs to the printers etc.

Now there are multiple operating systems, like UNIX, Sun O/S, LINUX, and of course from Microsoft called “Windows”.

There were multiple versions of windows, like windows 98, which evolved to windows xp, and now again evolved to windows 7. There is again another version of windows in the testing mode called windows 8.

All these evolutions in windows is the product of users requirement, need of the era, and the research from the developers to bring about the better faster more comprehensive  versions.

Windows 7 is the worthwhile effort of Microsoft which is simpler to use, is more responsive and very new and more possibilities, some of the improvements are listed below:

1-      Windows 7  consist of a better desktop, which helps you to move, get around your pc faster

2-      Windows 7 has a better search capabilities, with many filters

3-      Windows 7 has better sharing capabilities, in which you can easily create  groups

4-      Windows 7 has a better way to improve performance by using only required memory without running unnecessary services

5-      Windows 7 has a better way of connecting to the wireless networks

6-      Windows 7 has the capabilities to work with the touch screen PC

7-      Windows 7 has a new featured called “Device Stage”. In which any peripheral attached can be opened as a home page

8-      Windows 7 has the capability of making your PC  a studio, by adding any TV tuner card, or media streamer to share around your house

9-      Windows 7 is fully integrated for Internet explorer 9 , with stunning hardware accelerators

10-   Windows 7 has a built-in action center which monitors all the hardware / software issues and informs you on immediate basis for any holes etc.


I hope now you have a basic knowledge of what is windows 7

Pheonix team

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