How to install composite font properly?

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I am running a Windows 7 Operating system and I have trouble installing a GlobalMonospace Composite Font on my PC.

This is how to install composite font:

  1. Right click on the composite font file.
  2. Select Install Option.
  3. The font folder will be created in the Control Panel.

Since the font has already been installed in the PC, I can basically use it already.

But when I dragged the font folder from the Control Panel to my Desktop, the following error appears:

Unable to install the font – File "GlobalSansSerif.CompositeFont

What do you think is the reason behind this error? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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How to install composite font properly?


 Some fonts, such as those from Bitstream (Ryobi) and Creation Technologies, are supplied as a large number of PostScript language files.

You can copy all files into a single directory on the RIP hard disk or an accessible file server and perform a ‘print folder’ on them.

Typically each file includes a short PostScript language header that will copy the rest of the file into the appropriate position on the RIP.

If fonts are supplied on Macintosh disks and must be installed on a RIP running on a different platform where there is no readily accessible transfer medium, any font downloader that includes a ‘download Post4 The font format Technical Note

Hqn001: v1.3 June 2001 Commercial in Confidence 2 

Script file’ option may be used. Perhaps the best choice is FireWorks®,

which includes an option to download an entire folder of PostScript language

files without individually selecting each one.

Odom Vemus

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