How to implement switch stack in Cisco IOS ?

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We are planning to install switch stacks in our organization, and need to gather some information on Catalyst 3750E switch, to prepare the blueprint document. Can someone describe the software license required for this? Also I need to know on the Cisco IOS version required for it. How does information get distributed between stack master and member switches in Cisco configuration? Also please elaborate on how a stack master is created amongst the many ports.

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How to implement switch stack in Cisco IOS ?


If you are referring to the Cisco Catalyst switch, I’m not sure which model you are referring to because the Cisco Catalyst 3750-E is the series name of the switch. The Cisco Catalyst 3750-E series has many different models to choose from:

  • * Catalyst 3750E-24PD-E Switch
  • * Catalyst 3750E-24PD-S Switch
  • * Catalyst 3750E-24TD-E Switch
  • * Catalyst 3750E-24TD-S Switch
  • * Catalyst 3750E-48PD-E Switch
  • * Catalyst 3750E-48PD-EF Switch
  • * Catalyst 3750E-48PD-S Switch
  • * Catalyst 3750E-48PD-SF Switch
  • * Catalyst 3750E-48TD-E Switch
  • * Catalyst 3750E-48TD-S Switch

These switches merge configurations 10/100/1000 and PoE or Power over Ethernet with upgradable uplinks from 1 Gb Ethernet to 10 Gb Ethernet. They assist in augmenting worker productivity by allowing applications like video, IP telephony, and wireless. The Cisco Catalyst 3750-E series is available with 2 sets of software features:

  • * IP Base which includes OSPF or Open Shortest Path First for routed access, advanced quality of service or QoS, and security.
  • * IP Services which also includes advanced hardware-based IP Unicast and Multicast routing, VRF or Virtual Route Forwarding, and PBR or policy-based routing.

Unfortunately, this series of the Cisco Catalyst is no longer being sold and already reached its End-of-Life. Please refer to Cisco Catalyst 3750-E End-of-Life Announcement.

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