How do I clone my drive to a new hard drive?

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One of our computers motherboard crashed. So recently I bought a new hard drive to upgrade and replace the motherboard. I'm considering cloning to restore the data to the newer hard drive. How do I make a backup clone of my drive to a new hard drive?

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How do I clone my drive to a new hard drive?


1. First, hit start, type in msconfig in the search area.

2. Enter password (optional).

3. Next, choose normal set-up in the general screen then, hit ok.

4. Lastly, hit restart option to complete the procedure.

If this doesn't work try to restart your desktop or laptop.


Please make sure that you do not automatically power off the computer so that the procedure would not mess up.

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How do I clone my drive to a new hard drive?


Considering that your motherboard crashed and your bought a new hard drive and then you replace the motherboard, to be able to properly clone your old drive to restore all your data to the new hard drive, follow this steps:

1. After installing the new motherboard, install the new hard drive properly. Make sure the new drive will be the Master and slave for the old drive.

2. Install your operating system, make sure your new drive is properly formatted.

3. After installing windows, install HDClone latest version (

4. HDClone offers many operation how to copy your files or your whole drive to the new one, select on copy mode drive to drive, this mode

clones your drive 1:1 ratio, its means whatever inside your old drive will be copied to your new drive.

5. Click next, then select your source drive, this drive must be your old drive then click next and select your target drive, this will be your new drive.

6. The process may take minutes or more just be patient and let it finish the operation.

When the operation finishes, all your data will be available on your new drive then you can reformat the old drive to be your extra drive.

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How do I clone my drive to a new hard drive?


Hi there,

Cloning some hard drive to hard drive usually doesn’t take much time than installing the OS and its program manually. Usually, cloning makes everything perfect. To the system itself and programs that has been installed recently in your hard drive. There's no need to worry about your new motherboard, the supplier usually free the installer to the board you bought, so it’s easier for you to install it manually.

In order to make a BOOTABLE DEVICE for cloning, you need to have HD Cloner or the Acronis Cloner. These are usually found in any web site. But these LINKS will give you a hint where to download this.
PC Inspector Clone Maxx v1.0 | SnapFiles – A simply better selection! Trusted since 1997
XXCLONE Freeware v2.00.5 | SnapFiles – A simply better selection! Trusted since 1997

First you need to make this a bootable device as an .ISO. Burn this to a CD or make it an .ISO in your USB flash drive. This LINK will show you how to make a bootable device using your USB:
Into Windows – All about Windows & Technology | How To Make Bootable USB

If you finish doing this step, you can now RUN your Cloner by these steps below:
Turn off your PC.
Before doing this procedure, you must plug your old HDD and New HDD in order to choose your source and target.
Put your bootable USB in its slot or CD in your CDROM.
Now, you can boot your device depend on what board you are using.
Usually, the Bootable key if frequently used the F9 – F12.
TURN ON your PC then press the key above again and again until the USB or CD device is booting.
You can now choose the program by following the instruction carefuly.

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