How I can put human faces on animals?

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I want to put huma faces on animals. Can anybody tell me the shortest and easiest way to do that? Is there any helpful software to put human faces on animals?

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How I can put human faces on animals?


Hi Dear Thomas,

Dear there are many software that provide this facility.

You can replace human faces with animal faces. You can edit the pictures as you desire.

I think you should use Adobe PhotoShop.

Adobe Photoshop is very powerful pack to  edit and create images.

You can easily replace the human faces with the animals.

Click the link below to download the adobe photoshop.

Download Link


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How I can put human faces on animals?



There are many ways to incorporate the human face to animals. Most of the artist called it photo manipulation or morphing using Photoshop Software.

Photo manipulation is an application of editing the image by using techniques from the software and your own skills in order to create an illusion to combine two or more photos.

Morphing is changing one image to another computer by using different steps of techniques.

Here are steps you can follow:

1.    Choose the photos you would like to combine and open it in Photoshop by clicking “Open” from the file menu.

2.    Use “Lasso Tool” in the toolbox and click it all over the human head until you reach the starting point. Press “Ctrl+C” to copy the selected image.

3.    On the animal image window press “Ctrl+V” to paste the human head. It will appear as a new layer over the animal window. Then click the “move tool” to drag the human head until it covers the entire animal head

4.    Click the opacity menu from the layer panel and drag the slider until it reaches the transparency that you want. In this process, it will allow you to see the animal face so you can resize the human head that will fit to the animal head.

Use Free Transform or Wrap from the Edit menu so you can outline the parts of the head of the animal head. You can also use Zoom by pressing CTRL and + to see more clearly of what part of the head you need to adjust.

5.    If you are now satisfied with the adjustment you made on the head, return the opacity to 100%.

6.    Merge the 2 layers by selecting it and click layer menu then the merge visible.

7.    To make the edges more soften and smooth, use blur tool from the toolbox and click the part of the head you want to smoothen.

You can also check this site You also get some tips and more techniques on how to achieve the photo manipulation easier and smoothly.

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