How to hook up the CPU with the laptop

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I have a laptop and a CPU without a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Now, I would like to hook up the CPU with the laptop by using the tower executing automatic macro tasks. Would appreciate if anybody tell me whether it is possible or not. Thanking you in advance for your suggestion.

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How to hook up the CPU with the laptop


Hi Aidyn,

     Yes, you can hook up a cpu with your laptop but it will take you to use special cables and softwares to connect it directly.  You have to remember that simply hooking your cpu and laptop may damage the it's system.

How to do it?

  1. You need an external hard disk box.  All you have to do is plug it from the desktop and directly connect it tru USB.
  2. Utilizing your monitor and additional hardware you can set up a network via USB between cpu and laptop.
  3. Then you have to set your LAN network via ethernet cable .

Hope this might help you.


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How to hook up the CPU with the laptop



Without a doubt, you'll be able to meet up a CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT with your notebook yet it will take you to definitely use specific wires and also gentle items for connecting that right. You need to remember that just hooking ones CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT and also notebook may well deteriorate your it's a process.

The way to do it: You would like a great external hard drive box. Just about all you must do is stopper that from your desktop and also right hook up that through USB. Applying ones keep an eye on and extra equipment you'll be able to set up a community by using USB in between the PC and also the notebook. Subsequently you need to collect ones LAN community by using  a net cable.

Hope it helps you.

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