Dell vostro laptop won’t turn on

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Hello guys,

I got a Dell Vostro laptop which is not turning on. I have tried removing the batteries & on direct power supply but nothing works. I consulted with a service person he is telling that the chip may be dead. Any idea guys? Please tell me.

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Dell vostro laptop won’t turn on


After removing the battery and unplugging the system of your Dell Vostro, hold the power button for at least 30 seconds.

Then remove both memory modules and reinstall them.

Before you plug the notebook end in, make sure first that the LED on the AC adapter is switched ON. If it isn’t, the adapter is faulty and you have to replace it.

Plug the system back in and try to power it on. If it still won’t turn on, the problem is on your main board.

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Dell vostro laptop won’t turn on


In this case you can check that where the problem is and then can try to solve it.

  • Check that there is no wire damaged in the power supply of your laptop.
  • Un plug all accessories of your laptop and then try to run it by just power supply.
  • Check that your laptops supply is working fine.
  • Check that there is some sound from your laptop.
  • Is the led light tiled up when you power on or not. If it shows some result then there may be some problem in your laptops screen.
  • you can also check that there is no software error in your PC.
  • Keep it power on for some while and then try to run it may be the battery is not charged in some while.
  • Change the battery with another one to see that it is not damaged.
  • Check that the power supply is on and conditional.
  • check for any previous updates you make to your laptop and try to recover them.

Once you go through these steps i am sure you will be able to check the problem once you have found the problem you can also solve it easily.

Loise Paul.

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