How to get some Mac remote with desire to access other desktop?

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Hi techyv,

How to get some mac remote with desire to access other desktop? A remote access is very popular nowadays, controlling a computer using mobile phone, computer manipulating another computer by the use of only one software which is related to remote accessing. I just need to know more about it.


Hoping for your help. Thanks.

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How to get some Mac remote with desire to access other desktop?


Hi Amanda,

Remote access refers to the process of connecting to a device or data processing system from a remote location using another device. There are several softwares that offer this service. But since you want to remotely access another desktop through a Mac. Some of the most prominent ones that you might want to look into are:

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac, would be the best option for you if you want to control another windows desktop through your Mac. Even though you can buy it as a bundle along with Microsoft office for Mac, there is free standalone version available for download through their website,

It allows you to connect to another desktop through your Mac and access all its functions remotely through a LAN or internet server. Though it works more favorably over the LAN (Local Area Network). You have to configure a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and configure settings on router at host computer's end.

You need to make sure remote access is enabled on the windows desktop for the system from Control Panel >>> System and Security >>> System >>> Allow remote access.

After that you launch the app go to RDC>>>Preferences and enter the ip address for the desktop you want to remotely access. If there is a username and password to access that desktop, you need to enter that as well. That's it you can now access the desktop remotely through your Mac. While accessing the host desktop, it will be in a lockdown mode and if disturbed the connection could be interrupted.

Alternatively Apple Remote Desktop can be used which performs a similar task, but some users prefer it due to its functionality on Mac. It is available for download here,

If you are looking for a standard all in one software that controls your desktop remotely through the internet, You can go for TeamViewer.

Hope this helps you.

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