Remote Desktop Control Speed Performance

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Good day!

I just want some professionals to help me with this.

Whenever I work on the Remote Desktop Control, it is really slow and has a poor performance on my computer.

Is there a way to improve the speed performance of the Remote Desktop Control?

I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

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Remote Desktop Control Speed Performance

hi kpadilla,
If u want to improve your speed performance of the remote desktop control,
  1. video displayed through Remote Desktop will affect performance. so Use better video adapter, CPU, and install the latest video drivers.
  2. In the “Display” tab (you’ll have to select “Options…”), crank the Color Depth down to 15-bit or 16-bit depending on your preference. The lower the color settings the faster the connection.
  3. some animated wallpapers decrease the speed performance so remove a wallpaper from the remote desktop.
  4. finally  you may get better performance if disable "Hardware acceleration" on the Host PC. (Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshoot->Set "Hardware acceleration" to "None").
<<Hassan tasmeem>>

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