How to get Blu-Ray Disk Drive Information on Windows 7?

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I am using MSI laptop with Windows 7 installed on it. It has also a Blu-Ray Disc Drive and I want to upgrade it as soon as the new firmware is release. Anyone of you here knows how to get information about the manufacturer of your laptop’s Blu-Ray drive? I’ve tried checking the Device Manager on my computer but still no luck. I tried searching for it on but I can’t manage to find links that satisfy my problem. Hopefully, one of you here can help me. Help is definitely appreciated.

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How to get Blu-Ray Disk Drive Information on Windows 7?



You can easily get information about your existing hardware in your system from “device manager” or accessing system info file.

Device manager:

1.      Click start

2.      Press right click on computer

3.      Select Properties

4.      On this window click device manager from left panel

5.      In this device manager window you can easily  find your desire hardware

6.      Perform right click on it and get information by selecting “Properties”

7.      From here you can update your hardware driver

System info file:

1.      From anywhere in your hardware make a .txt file

2.      Rename it’s extension with .nfo

3.      Click ok

4.      Now click this file

5.      From here can find any type of information about your hardware or software

Hope you got your answer.

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