How to fix monitor signal issue?

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Hello everyone,

I am having a hardware problem. I have an issue with my monitor and the issue is that, my monitor is not displaying the output. In-fact I was using my monitor and all of a sudden my PC was jammed.

I waited for a while, hoping that my PC will run smoothly again, but it didn’t work. For that, I restarted my computer to fix the issue but then my monitor was not working.

To solve this issue, I first of all opened the case of my Central Processing Unit to see whether every thing was working fine or not? I observed that every component was working fine. I checked each and every component very carefully and after checking the fans, hard disk drive I came to know that those hardware components of my PC were working, as they should be.

It is only the monitor which is not working or displaying any output. Then I unplugged the RAM and plugged them again hoping that in that way this issue will be handled, but no use.

At last, I used other monitors and video cards to solve this issue but nothing is going in my favor.

I want to know How to fix monitor signal issue?

I'm getting really worried, and hoping that one should give me a good piece of advice for overcoming at this issue.

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How to fix monitor signal issue?

  • Check your cable that plugs into the PC, unplug and re-plug tightly.
  • If same things happen and have access to another known working monitor, try the other monitor, if other monitor works and you plug the original back in and nothing again, then the monitor is bad.
  • If other monitor does same and no signal, then there is some problem in video card.
  • Take your RAM sticks out and then reseat them properly.
  • If you are using external VGA card then change it place on motherboard.
  • Remove your power cord and hold the on button for like 1 minute and then connect it back and turn it on.
  • Start your computer in safe mode, if it works then there is some problem with you graphics setting.
  • Check your cable for bend or broken.
If still it doesn't work, follow the following steps:
Step one: remove motherboard 
Soldering iron is very hot, use controlled movements, try your best to not slip off of target area and scorch current pathways and innocent components and IC chips. 
Step two: Heating from the backside of the printed circuit card apply the tip of the iron to the tip of the first soldered in pin applying medium pressure while grasping capacitor from front side with a pair of pliers gently work the pin free; repeat for corresponding pins and capacitors until all damaged capacitors are removed. 
Step three: Apply soldering iron tip to solder filled hole to melt solder. 
Step four: Insert a small stiff piece of aluminum of copper wire to clear a hole, work in and out letting solder cool until a suitable hole is formed to facilitate installation of replacement capacitor mounting pins. 
Step five: Install replacement capacitors with striped side facing the white side of mounting site on printed circuit card 
Step six: Apply heat to pin base, then touch solder to tip of soldering iron transferring from the soldering iron to base of pin. 
Step seven: Trim excess wire.
Step eight: Reassemble computer.
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How to fix monitor signal issue?


Hello Hassy,

I was wandering that it could be monitor problem may be damaged or burnt. But its not that so, as you mentioned that problem is same with other monitors too. 

In such case only we have few possibilities left there could be problem with the VGA cable or it is power cable/power supply issue. If the monitor power is coming from CPU then check the power output port that could be lost or damaged. Try connecting monitor directly to electricity socket using new cable. Also replace VGA cable from new one and connect it tightly.

Hope it will help. 

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How to fix monitor signal issue?



There are two ways in order to know if why there is no output display in the monitor. The problem is either on your monitor or in your Video Card.

  • First, you need to check first whether the cable is plugged into your PC. You can unplug and re-plug it again. If the same problem occurs, try to test another monitor, if the monitor is working then your original monitor is defective.
  • If it’s still the same, then you have a problem with your video card. If the video card has the problem, get the ram and reset it properly but if you’re using the external VGA card then remove and replace it on the motherboard. Remove the power cord in your PC and wait for a minute. After a minute, turn on your computer and make sure you are in safe mode.
  • If the same problem happened, make sure to check your cable and check if it is busted.

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