My web browser has been slowed down

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Hey guys,I am using hp laptop with windows 7.I use the latest version of mozilla firefox as web browser.from some days,it has been slowed there any way to speed up my browser? Btw,thanks guys.

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My web browser has been slowed down


Hello Mr. Ron.

Sometimes this problem happens. You can follow the steps given below to solve it:

1) Open mozilla firefox browser and type 'about:config' on the address bar and click enter.

2) Click on the link 'I'll be careful, I promise!'. A new page will appear.

3) Write down 'pipelining' on the search option. A list will appear.

4) Double click on 'network.http.pipelining' and make that true.

5) Now right click on a empty space and select 'integer'. A new box will appear.

6) Write down 'nglayout.initialpaint.delay' there and hit enter.

7) You can see a new box. Put 0 there and click ok.

Your problem will be solved then. Thank you for your question.

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My web browser has been slowed down



There many possible reasons why your browser is so slow. One is that your internet might be slow. Your bookmarks might be clogging up. You might have unnecessary toolbars on your browser.

I recommend you do the following:

1. Always clear your bookmarks. It is not necessary that you delete all your bookmarks, just keep the ones you often use and dispose of those that are not in use.

2. Check your internet speed. It isn't always the browser to be blamed about the speed of the browser.

3. Try a different browser.

4. Always avoid using toolbars. Sometimes new toolbars will just appear on your browser without you knowing it. Before you download something, try carefully reading what applications are included when downloading something. Toolbars are often included upon downloading.

5. Check your plugins. Disable your plugins if it they are not in use.

6. Clear your History. History files are temporary files. The more History files you have in your browser, the larger the memory that is used.

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My web browser has been slowed down



Many people, who are using any kind of web browsers, usually find that kind of matters. According to the speed of your internet, web browser can slow down. The speed of your internet connection depend on ISP, your area, temporary problems of network and etc, otherwise that matter there are so many problems occurs to slow down the web browser.

First thing is you should be able to set your browser configurations to maximum levels. Downloading pictures and temporary internet files and browser add-ons also make the same matter. Firefox has many more add-ons such as tool bars. They decrease the browser speed as well. The copy of the page you are using, is storing in temporary internet files. If you have too many these kinds of files you browser will be slowing down. So you should follow the schedule to decrease temporary internet files and cookies. Also you should not maintain big internet history. You can clear them from Firefox tools.

Some viruses and malware tools can make this matter, so you can scan and remove every malware tools from your computer. If the problem is with that kind of thing, you can make your browser speed up by removing viruses.   


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My web browser has been slowed down


Every web browsers create some files for using. After using, they become useless and whenever you open your browser, they are loaded and cause browser slow. If you want to get a fast performance, you've to clean these regularly.

* Delete cache.

* Delete cookies

* Delete browsing history

Open your browser and press Ctrl+Shift+Del to start browsing history cleaning tool which is installed by default. Select the items mentioned above and click on clean now. Then restart your browser.

And I also suggest you to use fewer extensions. When the browser opens, the extensions which are enabled, loads and cause slow performance. Disable the extensions which you don't need.

After doing all these things, you will be able to enjoy fast browsing performance.

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