How to fix flickering of my laptop monitor

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I have my laptop with flickering monitor. It creates me lot of headache after usage of 2 -3 hours. How to fix the flickering? Where are the flickering settings in Laptop for the same? I remember the refresh rate setting in old CRT monitors. Is that concept still there in these LCDs? It was handy in the CRT monitors but unable to locate in my laptop. Presently I am ignoring it but over long term it might be an issue.

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How to fix flickering of my laptop monitor


Step1: Adjust Screen Resolution. Start-> Control panel-> click on ‘Adjust screen resolution’ under ‘Appearance and Personalization’.

Step 2: Click on Advanced Settings.

Step 3: Click on the Monitor tab-> click on the screen refresh rate you want under ‘Screen Refresh Rate’. The monitor will take a little time to adjust. Click ‘Apply’.

If you have flicker on the CRT Monitor, first change the screen resolution and then change the refreshing rate. The higher resolution rate should have higher refreshing rate also. But all the screen resolution is not suitable for all refreshing rate.

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