Built-in Mic on my Netbook

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I really love singing. I used the built-in recorder of my netbook and played my favourite song and sang along the way. After everything's done, i played the recorded music and discovered that my voice was not recorded. Is there a problem with the built-in mic?

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Built-in Mic on my Netbook


Hi the probable reasons and solutions are:

1. Right click on the volume icon.

2. Click adjust audio properties.

3. Go to audio tab, click volume command, under sound recording.

4. tick select checkbox under front mic and maximize volume.


1. update the audio driver software.

2. updating the windows regularly.

3.Go to the control panel, then sound options. Check nothing is muted and maximize all volumes. You can also install the motherboard software.

If nothing works then reinstall windows. For reinstalling windows, uninstall the previously installed audio drivers. this will help windows to configure itself during setup. Also becareful so that the notebook is not too far from you.

Caringal Cheong

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Built-in Mic on my Netbook


Hello there, are you sure that you hit the record button before singing? I can suggest that you try to do a record sound troubleshooter and check for the settings, or on what issues you encounter on your mic.You can open the record sound troubleshooter by going to start button then go to control panel,in the search box type the word troubleshoot for troubleshooting.

And then under the hardware and sound click troubleshoot audio recording.If it didn't work then you need to update your driver for the microphone, you can do it by going to the device manager and choosing microphone then just click update drivers on it.

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