Card reader not working properly.

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I have a USB memory card reader, which is not working.

I check my memory card, it still working in my phone.

Is this means my card reader is damaged?

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Card reader not working properly.


According to me, your card reader is not working; I can give you some proposals:

  1. When light is blinking, never take away or pop in the memory cards. Due to this your data can be lost or the card reader can be damaged forever.
  2. Few memory cards have switches on them for reading/writing.
  3. See that the memory card is entered in the slit properly. Make sure the switch is set to Write Enabled before attempting to write data to it.
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Card reader not working properly.


Hello Robin,

There might be many reasons due to your card reader is not detected by your computer.

I would suggest you to try out the following steps:

1. Verify the minimum system requirements.

2. Under the device manager verify the status of the reader. For this step make sure you have attached the USB memory card reader at the back of the CPU to have full power.

3. Try to refresh the drivers. Uninstall it and then install it again.

4. Try out another USB port

5¾ Check the removable devices when you connect it to the PC.  

I hope this will solve your problem.


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Card reader not working properly.


Hi Robin,

I Have experience that. Your memory is functional in your phone it means your memory card is not damaged.

Then when you going to use a memory card reader it will not function, when you going to insert your USB to the computer it will APPEAR PLEASE INSERT A DEVICE E? Or any will appear. It means your Card reader is damaged or the USB CORD.

Try to buy another card reader if you want to prove either your memory card or the card reader you must insert another memory card in the card reader so that you will know. If it is same as before it means CARD READER is DAMAGED.

Or when you open THE MY COMPUTER then the USB is being recognize but when you click it there will appear ACCESS DENIED.

So what should I do?

1st So you click the FOLDER image at the upper part of the box.  

2nd Then at the left side of the screen all details of the computer will appear.

3rd So you must click there. It will OPEN your Device you installed.

You will do that such steps when the message appears ACCESS DENIED.

I hope I have answered your problem.

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