How to Extract Files form VHD 2011

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I could not find any straight forward method of extracting files from VHD 2011. I researched in well manner on the Internet for this. Can anyone help me with any suggestion?


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How to Extract Files form VHD 2011


VHD file is a virtual hard disk file. Virtual hard disk contains that which we found on the hard disk like files, folders, system files and also disk partitions.If you created the backup of files on external hard disk then VHD could be the backup which you performed. 

Unfortunately we cannot open the VHD file in windows XP because it is a complete windows vista or Windows seven backup file. It is not made for windows XP. You can extract files from VHD by VHD mount on windows 7 and the steps of VHD mount are given below.

First of all you need to right click on “My computer” icon and click on “manage” option.

After that step you will click on “Disk Management” option which is located on your left side drop down menu. Now you need to click on Actions and after that attach VHD  and also specify the external hard disk location.

Check this website for more information, It contains another way to extract files from VHD.

Hope this helps.

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How to Extract Files form VHD 2011



Good day MsJamie

The VHD is just another format of the various image files you get. Just as there is a lot of image formats  there a lot of  image extracting software. The VHD is a image file that is created when you use a virtual pc emulator or back up you PC.

What I can suggest is PowerISO that you can download at .

This is a versatile application and very powerful.

Download and install this application.

When you open it go to File, open.

Now click on "All image files".

Now choose .vhd, you find it almost at the bottom of the list.

Now navigate to where your vhd image file is.

Now click on it and click on open. This action will load all the files into the app and you will be able to choose the files you want to extract.

Click on extract , to your desired location for you to view.

You can select certain files or the whole file extraction.

Hope this is helpful.

Another great utility is WinImage. You can download it here which is perfect for your XP machine.

Install the application. Right click on the vhd file and open with WInImage.


 Now this will load in the app. You can extract it to your desired location.

This window will open.

Click on browse for where you want to extract the files to. Tick on "extract all files into the same folder".

Now click ok, and you're done.

Everything of the best.


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