How to export from MS Word to QC?

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Our company has decided to use Mercury Quality Centre (QC)to test our projects. As the test manager my responsibility includes creating test plans and test cases. I have already created my data using MS Word.

I also tried to install the Microsoft word add in. But failed. After going through the web I found that I needed to format my data according to specified format, before exporting to QC.

Please help me by providing instructions on install the MS word add-in and how to export from MSword to QC; especially how to format the data properly before exporting to QC. 


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How to export from MS Word to QC?


Dear user,

Download Word Add-ins from the Add-Ins page in Quality Center.

You can choose the information from the Quality Center modules.

You can export from MS word to QC by following this tutorial:

1. Close Microsoft Word.

2. Uninstall any previous versions of the Microsoft Word Add-in.

3. On your web browser, type your Quality Center URL: http://<Quality Center server name>[<:port number>]/qcbin. The window of HP Quality Center Options will open.

4. Now click on Add-ins Page link.

5. Click on More HP Quality Center Add-ins link.

6. Click the Microsoft Word Add-in link under Microsoft Office Add-ins.

7. Now click Download Add-in link. Follow installation instructions.

8. On the HP Quality Center Add-ins page, click the HP Quality Center Connectivity Add-in link.

9. Now click on Download Add-in, the HP Quality Center Connectivity Add-in will be installed to your Quality Center client.

10. Set your Microsoft Word security settings after installing the Word Add-in.

Hope you will find some help.

Thank you.

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How to export from MS Word to QC?


Hi Gerardo,

There are 2 ways of importing requirements, test cases, and defects to HP Quality Center (QC)

  • From MS Word – Need to install QC-MSWord-Addin
  • From MS Excel- Need to install QC-MSExcel-Addin

We are using the second option, as it is easier to map MS Excel to QC. I would suggest that if you can change to the Excel option, please do it.

If you have decided to go with the Word option, QC has the step by step manual on how to do it. I have attached the MS Word manual PDF for your reference.

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