How to encrypt and decrypt folders and files in windows?

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I am looking the reason to not able to encrypt and decrypt the files in windows operating system. Is there any specific reason behind that? What happens to the compression factor if the files are encrypted? Are there any loop holes or security threats in doing so. I was going through this topic in a blog on the other day but couldn’t get a feel of it properly. Have any body have good knowledge on the same? Can you please take an example and explain the reason behind the question of not able to encrypt and compress the file and folders in windows?

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How to encrypt and decrypt folders and files in windows?


You can encrypt or decrypt your file or folder by following steps given below.

1. Select the file or folder that you want to encrypt or decrypt.

2. Then click on Properties.

3. Go to the General Tab.

4. Click on the Advanced Button.

5. You will get an “Advanced Attributes” popup.

6. At the last selection you will find “Encrypt for Secure data”, enable it.

7. For decrypting the file or folder disable ”Encrypt for secure data”

8. Click OK, then again click OK.

9. You want to take the backup of encryption certificate that is created for the first time.

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