How to enable watermark in print but hide in document?

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I would like a create a document to the users but would like to retain a copyright mark and also watermark in the document. When the user opens the soft copy in the computer, the watermark should not be visible. This is for the only reason that the user reading should not ne affected. Let them have clear view of the manual when they are reading on screen. But, when the manual gets printed, it is a uncontrolled copy and I would like to print my custom watermark on all the pages. How to make watermark visible only in the print but not in the soft copy? Please do reply

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How to enable watermark in print but hide in document?


When you said that you want the watermark to be visible only when it is printed and hidden when it is only viewed on the computer, I thought it is not possible. But after a little digging, it seems it is possible but the text is not literally hidden just like what you want. The watermark is light enough to keep it hidden when the document is viewed on the computer.

To try it, start Microsoft Office Word. Select Page Layout tab then click Watermark in Page Background section. See image. There are pre-set watermarks that will be visible when the document is printed or viewed but you can create your own customized watermark. Select Custom Watermark.

Select “Text watermark” then type the watermark text in the Text field, like for example, “Printing is not allowed.” Adjust the color of the text to be very light that it is almost invisible. You can also use the custom color option to make the color very light. To do this, in Color, click on the dropdown menu then select More Colors. Select Custom tab. In “Color model”, select RGB. Change the value of Red, Green, and Blue to 250 then click OK.

In the RGB format, the maximum value that can be used is 255. That’s why when you set all three colors to 255 will produce white. Create a sample print of the document. Adjust the color of the watermark text until it is dark enough to appear when it is printed but light enough to remain invisible when viewed on the computer.

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