How To Draw An Organisational Chart In Word.

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What is an organizational chart? Why is it used? How to draw an organisational chart in word? What are the steps to follow? Mention them in order. Do we have any templates for that?

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How To Draw An Organisational Chart In Word.


An organisational chart is nothing but a graphical representation of a subject or bunch of points which are related to each other. These charts help the user or individual to understand the points clearly. It is used to explain the topics for a clear understanding. To insert an organisational chart in Microsoft Word. Firstly, we should create a document in Microsoft Word. It has an extension .docx. Microsoft word is a part of Microsoft Office which plays a major role in creating formal documents, forms, tables and many other things.

Step 1- Go to Insert tab

Step 2- select SmartArt

Step 3- then hierarchy

Step 4- select organisational chart

It's Done! And save it.

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