How to download Facebook contact list to PC?

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I have many important contacts in my Facebook account and want to download Facebook contact list to PC.

If there is any way to do so, then tell me. 

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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How to download Facebook contact list to PC?


Hello Sharlene Rubi,

Go to this link.

Click on Tools > Import

Then select Facebook

Log on to Facebook

It will start importing your contacts

Click on Done

Click on Tools > Export.

Select from the list of programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, card etc.

Your download will start.

Good Luck.

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How to download Facebook contact list to PC?

Dear Sharlene,
There is a way you can get your contacts from Facebook to your PC.
The key is to get your contacts off Facebook and into Gmail. From Gmail the contacts can just be seen and copy/pasted into wherever you need them on your PC, whether a word file, excel spreadsheet or otherwise.
And of course they WILL also be imported into your Gmail account.
I assume you use Gmail.
There is an app on Facebook(link provided below) that does this task for you very easily.
While logged into Facebook go to this link and click on the blue Connect with Facebook.
It will ask for your permission to access your account contacts once.
Your entire contacts list with all the information will be converted into a Gmail compatible file format from where it can be imported into Gmail, very easily and without actually installing or downloading anything.
Hope this works for you.
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How to download Facebook contact list to PC?



I would like to suggest you will download "rankbook". You can get all the contact information of your Facebook friends. 

You can also watch this video to know how to use this application.

To download the application, just visit this site . 

This will really get and safe the information you want from your Facebook friends. 

Hope this will help.

Best Regards,

Jerameel Cyrus Tubon

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