How does pushdo Trojan infect system?

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How does pushdo Trojan infest system? My system is showing some kind of behavior recently, when I contact a friend about the behavior he said that the behavior may be cause by pushdo Trojan. How complex is this Trojan than the other Trojans? What is the best security strategy can be implemented against the Trojan?

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How does pushdo Trojan infect system?




The Pushdo trojan accesses your system through tainted video codecs, emails, pirated media, or other files. The trojan installs malware and gains access to all information on the machine. Users with infected systems will notice odd behavior: settings seemingly changing on their own, frequent freezing, auto-shutdowns, files that disappear and reappear, and poor responsiveness.


Pushdo is a modern trojan with capabilities and characteristics beyond the common trojan. It can access highly detailed information about the machine it seizes. It effectively masks its activities by appearing to be common applications. Unlike other trojans that shutdown antivirus software, it gathers information about your antivirus software. Criminals can then use that information to mask and protect their actions.


One of the most simple ways to avoid the trojan is to avoid downloading files or opening emails from sources that are not trustworthy. Other good strategies involve using robust antivirus and antispyware software, and ensuring that those applications are updated.

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