How does Link exchange systems work?

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Hi.  I'm trying to create a website using PHP.  I would like my website to have a high page rank.  How do link exchange systems work to have a high page rank?  I use Mozilla Firefox if that matters.  Thanks.

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How does Link exchange systems work?


Hi Caroline J Tritt,

The PageRank of a page depends on the number of all the pages that link to it. The pages that link to it are called incoming links or backlinks.So if your web pages have backlinks that have a high PageRank, then there is no doubt that your web site will have a high rank.

Websites employ various SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION techniques to increase backlinks pointing to their website.

Link exchange is something like a central organization where many websites are registered and they share links among themselves.

Advantage- Increases link popularity among search engines.

Disadvantage-Distracting visitors to other sites.


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How does Link exchange systems work?



A link analysis algorithm which was introduced by Larry Page is called PageRank. Google web search engine uses this algorithm and it is a trademark. Consider web pages as the nodes and hyperlinks in them as the edges. The numerical weight assigned to each node is referred as PageRank by the browser and it depend on its edges. A node which is linked through edges to many other nodes with number of high page ranks will ultimately receive a good rank to itself.

There are few steps you could try to get high page ranking to your website.

1.       Check with your friends or colleges who might have high page rank web site to add your site as a hyperlink to their site. Or you may add your site url to high page rank web sites in there guest posts or comments.

2.       SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also help search engines to notice your website. There are free tools available.

3.       You need to have your own original contents in your web pages. Copy others website’s content will not help

Now I hope you have a fairly good idea of PageRank and hope your site will get high ranks by aligning into the given instructions.

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