How do you record vocals with GarageBand?

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I enjoyed using the GarageBand application on my iPad where I can create my own music. My GarageBand compositions sounded great using Mac’s own internal analog. However, when I used the built-in microphone, the song playback sounded terrible, emitting high-pitched noise. Will the use of an external microphone a good option? How do you record vocals with GarageBand?

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

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How do you record vocals with GarageBand?


Whenever you record voices in GarageBand, make sure that the “Monitor” is set to off. This will eliminate feedback when using internal speakers and mic. Here are the steps for recording voice in GarageBand:

1.       Create a new project and make sure you choose “real instrument” before clicking on create.

2.       Since you’re going to use an internal source, pick “Channel 1 mono” or the appropriate internal source:

3.       You can then adjust the sliders and ensure Monitor is set to off to eliminate feedback.

4.       Record all you like 🙂

Using an external microphone is definitely an option, just make sure you select the appropriate audio input.

I’ve found an excellent site that also tackles speech enhancer, filters and exporting to mp3 which will hopefully give further information regarding GarageBand.

Enjoy and have fun!


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