Why there is an Error in Adobe Photoshop CS6?

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I am trying to download adobe photoshop CS6 (English) but there is an error. It says ’Error extracting the product installer (Error 101). Check for available disk space on your system and try downloading the product again. ’ I have a lot of space here but why this Error?

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Why there is an Error in Adobe Photoshop CS6?



I think your file system of the drive where you are trying to download the file does not support the file size. E. g. FAT system does not support file size more than 3.99 GB. so, if your file size is greater than 3.99 GB and file system FAT, then I think this is the reason.

To get rid of this problem you have to change your file system to NTFS of that drive or download the file to other drive of NTFS file system or other that supports required file size.

N. B. NTFS file system supports all file size.

To change file system to NTFS you have to format the drive selecting NTFS file system.
N. B. Before formatting don't forget to move your necessary files to other drive otherwise you will not find those things after formatting.

If you are windows user,

1. Go to my computer.
2. Right click on 'my computer'.
3. Select manage.
4. Disk management.
5. Select the drive.
6. Format it with NTFS file system.
Delete the drive & create new one and format it with NTFS file system.

N. B. If the drive contains system folders you cant do this. Just change download location and do the previous steps.

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