How do you protect yourself from online fraud or identity theft?

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Few a days ago i got a mail from PayPal that you need to upgrade your PayPal your identification but my document was all fulfill, then I contact PayPal they said that the mail was fraud.

How do I keep me free from this type of fraud & my password safe.


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How do you protect yourself from online fraud or identity theft?


You should practice some habits to secure yourself from online fraud.

  1. When you open your e-mail, do not click any link. Phish have updated these links, so that when you click the link, they will try to access your saved password (saved in the browser info file).
  2. Do not use any other method to contact your office except direct company site. If you look up your site in Google access it from that, there is a chance for information leaking by intruders.
  3. Do not save password in Web Browsers. Always type it in each login.
  4. When working on confidential sites, always clear cookies and history after work.
  5. Always delete the unwanted e-mails. Do not store it in mails recycle bin/trash. Clear your mail’s trash too.
  6. Always update your Operating System and update it regularly. The latest version of Windows update/ patch can block more attacks.
  7. Set your Browser’s Security to High Level.
  8. Use sophisticated password. Mix it up with Number, signs and uppercase letter.
  9. You must use more than 8 characters to create the Password. 8+ characters are hard to manipulate.
  10. Change your password often.
  11. Install the latest antivirus – which offers more protection in Internet security.
  12. In case, the intruders managed to get your ID or password, contact related service to change/stop that manipulated account.
  13. Do not use your credit card in online transaction; use PayPal. You should also avoid using the original PayPal account. Add a secondary mail account in PayPal and use the secondary PayPal account for online transaction.


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How do you protect yourself from online fraud or identity theft?


There is a solution for you in regards to your PayPal issue, of importance is the ability to determine whether the email sent to you was from PayPal or some other people trying to access to your confidential information through fake emails.

There is a software application called Truemark ® Email ID designed by Iconix, it’s free and can be downloaded from the internet. 

It works pretty simple.

Download the software here:

When you receive an email from PayPal which is real, o gold lock with a check mark will be displayed next to the sender’s logo as shown below. If you do not see this then the email probably is fake.

PayPal email window console

The trick with passwords is always to create a strong password combining both letters and numbers with special characters then keeping it safely.

Few tips for creating a strong password;

  • Avoid using personal information.
  • Combine both letters and numbers with special characters.
  • Make the password unique.
  • Avoid using the same password for all of your accounts.

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