How Do You Find LibreOffice and is it Very Efficient?

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I would like to start using LibreOffice. Could you share your experience of using this software to perform certain tasks? Do you know people who have used this software and what is their comment or experience of using this software? Can you compare its effectiveness or other wise to Windows operating system?

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How Do You Find LibreOffice and is it Very Efficient?


I recently downloaded a copy of LibreOffice and am very happy with it.  It’s open-source, very easy to use, and it is also compatible with other major office suites, such as Microsoft Office.  It also offers a variety of professional and easy to use templates. It has all the same modules which other paid licence office suites have:

  1. Writer: This is the word processor module with very similar functions as Microsoft Word.  It can also be used as a text editor.
  2. Calc: This is the spreadsheet module, very similar to Microsoft Excel. 
  3. Impress: A presentation module similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.  The presentations created in Impress can be saved as .swf files, and be viewed on any device that runs Adobe Flash.
  4. Draw: A vector graphics editor similar to Microsoft Visio.  You can create flowcharts, provide connectors between shapes, etc.
  5. Math: A module for creating and editing mathematical formulas.
  6. Base: A database management module, similar to Microsoft Access. You can create and manage databases, create forms and reports.

LibreOffice is available in over 110 languages and is available for download and use on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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