How do SSD (Solid State Drive) works?

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I want to change my Hard Drive to SSD or to a Solid State Drive. But before I do that, please give me some ideas on how SSD (Solid State Drive)  works.

Also I want to know it's advantages and disadvantages, if there's any so I can decide whether I should buy one now or leave it for now.

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How do SSD (Solid State Drive) works?


Hi there!

SSD is quite different from the normal HDD. In normal hard disk , you will find  spinning disk and movable read write heads. SSD are volatile and built with batteries. in case of power loss you don't need to worry, though they are volatile. Size is smaller than typical HDD and the price per Gigabyte is Higher than Normal HDD.

SSDs are faster when you are writing and reading data if  we shall compare it to normal HDDs. It's because they don't need to spin and there are no work with read write heads.

SSDs are just like RAM chips ( its not a RAM and don't be confused).

Normal HDDs can be damaged due to the magnetic fields, but SSDs don't have such a problem.

Like wise there are more descriptive compression information available on the Internet. You can very easily follow the link below for more: wikipedia

Thank you.

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How do SSD (Solid State Drive) works?


If you want to know everything about SSD so you need to read more and more so I will give you more links about articles on SSD so you will know everything about SSD from A to Z

So read this article in this link and it will be more helpful for you:

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You also can see this link:

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And you can read this article so you will find the advantages and disadvantages of SSD:

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You also can see some prices of SSD:

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Hope these Articles and links help you.

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