How Do I Update Mandrake Linux

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In Ubuntu and Fedora, I was able to update my system using the terminal via apt-get and yum update. What commands do I need so that I can update my Mandrake Linux?

I want to update my system for bug fixes and performance updates but some said that I need to pay for it. Can I get a Mandrake update for free?

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How Do I Update Mandrake Linux

Hi Johan,
To update Mandrake you employ urpmi. To set up urpmi with the right supply for your version go to: 
or Google: simple urpmi. Follow the directions to set up the three sources: main, update, contribute then you simply: # urpmi package and it starts the transfer and installs. 
After you are doing your simple urpmi changes, you'll use 'apt' (Debian primarily based installation process). You'll install it like this: 'urpmi apt'. When putting in it, you'll use it to install/remove/update your packages and/or your distribution, with commands like: 'apt-get update' (this can fetch a package list to the box.
So it'll be ready to recognize if there square measure new packages for upgrade).'apt-get upgrades' (this can upgrade packages that require to be updated. If there's a more recent version available).
NOTE: running 'apt-get update' is powerfully counseled before doing any upgrades 'apt-get dist-upgrade' (This can decide to fetch latest packages and install them. It's additional such as you do a ).
If you would like to use apt once more for installing/removing packages, you'll merely do: 'apt-get install package name' & 'apt-get takeaway'. Mistreatment there's one thing you want to understand wherever you like to get packages from. In /etc/apt/ folder there's a file named' sources. List'and by default, if you put in apt like this:'urpmi apt' there's associate degree uncommented line with the address that apt ought to hunt for package list. You'll modification it If you would like,to associate degree alternative address ( makepositive its valid which it works, as a result of apt won't work all if you add one thing invalid).
Hope this might assist you.


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