Giving limited user permissions on server

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I have around 30 clients that I want to give access to on my server, but since they are people that I do not trust them I want to limit their activity on my server so that they can only use it for SSh tunneling, are there any suggestions?

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Giving limited user permissions on server


Hi Ignov_pavel,

It is really un-secure to give your clients full access to your server. Because It may sometimes abused and can be used against any server. To minimized your clients from full access you have to make sure that you applied all current security updates and patches.

Then to make the terminal services secure you have to remember that it is not install or enable in your system. If you don't want them to have a full access on your remote system. Those are Remote desktop on Windows XP and Server Windows 2000 and Server Windows 2003.

Because Terminal Services is not installed through default it is still a nice idea to check and to be sure if you were not the ones who installed it in your Operational System.

Steps to do in disabling or enabling the Remote Desktop Service:

  1. Choose the "start"/Control Panel and choose the system applet.
  2. Then choose the tab remote.
  3. Make sure that you uncheck the checkbox in " Allowing users to connect remotely on the computer.
  4. For data protection that travels between the client and the terminal server you can also use Encrypts and have it enable to your computer.
  5. You can also Add permissions to selected User , group or Computer name by sitting the kinds of permissions to be granted. One is the Full Control, another is User Control and Guest Control.


Hope this might help you,

Thanks, Ayessa

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Giving limited user permissions on server


Hi Ignov,

You have thought wisely about limiting the activities the users should have when using the server, because that way, they will not be able to manipulate the server by doing activities that are meant to be done by administrator like allocating bandwidth, controlling the sites that the users can have access to and so forth.

It is a good decision you have made, so that you can be in full control of the network and in doing that, there will be order and fair usage of the network resources.

Otherwise you have had problems when the users started using a lot of bandwidth and taking control of the security credentials like administrator passwords, hence making network usage a mess.


Lee Hung.

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