How do I uninstall a gadget

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I have gadgets that came with Windows 7 and I do not want them. Am I able to uninstall them? If I can, can someone please provide instructions to me on how to do so?  I would appreciate your help. Also, if I accidentally uninstall one that I don't want to, am I able to restore it?

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How do I uninstall a gadget



Gadgets are the components that come with Windows 7 by default and they’re removable.

To remove any unwanted gadget on Windows 7,

1. Right-click on any blank space of desktop >> select “Gadgets”.

2. Right-click on the unwanted Gadget >> select “Uninstall”.

Thus, you can uninstall Gadgets. This has been removed since Windows 8 and no longer supported for vulnerability.

Restoring gadgets are also available. To do so,

1. Go to Start menu >> Control Panel.

2. Change the view to "Category".

3. Click "Appearance & Personalization".

4. Restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows

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