How do I get a OnePlus smartphone?

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I've heard about OnePlus and I am very interested to get one. It looks like it’s the only smartphone that offers high end specifications with a very affordable price. The problem is, I also heard it's difficult to have one due to its unusual invite system. How does it work? How can I get a OnePlus phone?

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How do I get a OnePlus smartphone?


Getting an OnePlus One smartphone might prove difficult, but the next steps that i am going to present you will clear you of any difficulties that have been opposing you:

1. First of all, you must find someone who has an OnePlus One smartphone so that they can invite you into the producers program. The only way to start is by getting an invite from someone who already own this model.

2. After you ask that person for an invite, be sure they sent it to your e-mail by opening your inbox and then clicking on the unique link only once to start the claiming process.

3. After the process finished, you will be redirected to the official website of the OnePlus One phone and then you will be eligible to sign up for an account.

4. After signing up for an account, log in with your credentials and then click on the button that will claim your invitation to the smartphone program.

5. After clicking it, the invitation will be displayed on the OnePlus One website and only then you will be able to purchase the smartphone. You can also choose the model of the phone, the accesories and after that click the 'Next' button, that will send you to the next step.

6.  Fill out any shipping and billing details and then click on Place Order.

7. Log in to PayPal (or create a new account) and then confirm your order.

After all this, you phone will begin shipping to you.

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