How to access a micro-SD wirelessly?

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I have just bought a Huawei E586 Mifi and installed a 30GB micro-sd card, I want to access it wirelessly but I don't know how to do it.

Does any idea how to configure this?


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How to access a micro-SD wirelessly?


 Hello there buddy.

Upon looking at the manual of MIFI e586 i can say that this is a very user friendly gadget.

Just pop off back cover, insert SIM card, insert battery, turn on.

You may need some time to charge it. well actually there’s no software or anything to set up before you start using it.

just connect and go.

Go to your browser and type http:/3.home from your browser to access all of the options. 

For more information visit this link

Hope my answer helps you.

Have a nice day. ­

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How to access a micro-SD wirelessly?


Dear Gregory,

To access the storage capacity available on your MiFi you should be able to do it by going to your Dashboard and by clicking the Storage tab up-top. It's a very simple and straight forward process.

However, during my research on this matter, I have found out that certain carriers modify the firmware with logos and different default settings and by some unknown reason remove the storage feature completely from the firmware. This is the case of 3 Network mobile carrier from UK.

If this is actually your network than you are stumped until they release a new firmware upgrade to fix this issue.

Basically,they sold you a device that has a certain feature and no driver to access it. They, kind of robbed you.

Now there is the possibility of installing your own firmware, but that would go against the network's policy. Your warranty or even your contract might end because of this modification. I don't recommend you to do this.

If, however, you're not this unlucky and just can't find the Button to access the storage capacity, here's an image to help you:

This firmware is modified by Vodafone and you can clearly see in the upper area, where the tabs are, the second one being Storage.

I hope this helps.

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