How do I execute commands using Android SSH putty in my PC?

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Hello guys.  I have the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S2 that has the Exynos chipset, Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU, Mali-400MP GPU and Android OS Jelly Bean.  How do I execute commands on my PC using Android SSH putty?  I'm on a Windows Vista 64 bit system.

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How do I execute commands using Android SSH putty in my PC?


You will use your phone, a data cable, SSHDroid (SSH server),putty.exe (SSH client)

1. Install “SSHDroid“ from android market

2. This turns your phone into a SSH server running on the port 22.

3. Download putty SSH client to your computer this doesn't requires any installation.”putty.exe” file is a simple executable file.

Running the SSHDroid server :

1. Connect the data cable to PC

2. Open SSHDroid application.

3. Under the application’s window click Options > uncheck “Require Wifi”.

4. Click “start” option. Once server is started it will show IP address of your mobile phone in green for example

                                                   sftp://[email protected]

Take the “″ and type it to your putty program’s (PC) host field and hit connect.

Click ok when it will ask and then command line login window will appear.

5. Type “root” hit enter and then type the password(default being 'admin' ).

Now you will be able to use Linux commands like

I) ls -aFx

II) reboot

III) mkdir

IV) find

VI)  Script

VII) VIping

VIII) wget

IX) telnet etc.

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