What is your recommendation about hard disk sector check iso?

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I feel several time hard disk damage problems. I need to know about hard disk sector check iso. How does it work? How can I keep my hard disk save? Please help me.

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What is your recommendation about hard disk sector check iso?


Hey Jonstan, How you doing pal?

Yeah I can understand your problem I guess, how it goes when our hard disk is wrecked or corrupted. First of all you didn't mention which platform you are using, assuming WINDOWS I will show you some steps 

1. Go to My computer, Right click on your drive and select Properties.

2. A dialog box will pop up, here go to the Tools tab and then under Error Checking click on Check now.

    Here you will get two options

        a) Automatically fix file system errors.

        b) Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

3. Check the boxes as per your requirement and click on Start.

Note: Usually this kind of problems persists because we don't allow computers to perform Disk check  whenever the system abruptly shut down, So to save your hard disk let system perform this Check.

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What is your recommendation about hard disk sector check iso?


Hello, Jonston

Hope you are fine. You can use Seatools Diagnostics Disk. It's an easy to use program. It may not recover your data, but is able to save you the cash for diagnostics at a repair shop, again  you can just replace the drive itself. Follow the steps below

Fetch a working computer with internet access and search for https://www.seagate.com/in/en/support/downloads/seatools/

Now Download the .ISO file located under the Seatools DOS heading.

Burn the .ISO image into a disk.

                Boot up your dying PC and pop in the disk.

You can select all of the tests ,  but ensure the Full Drive Scan is selected and thenpress next.

The tests will take time, especially the Full Drive Scan. Have patience.

See if the scans come back with errors.

 If the shows multiple bad sectors, it means the hard drive is already too far gone. If possible to boot from the drive, then back up as early as possible. If the drive shows errors of file-system, then you either check disk to fix the errors or hook the drive up as a secondary drive and back the data off. If not possible, you can likely format the drive and may use it. If you face other kinds of errors like an interface error (with IDE or SATA) or a memory error, then the drive may not be bad. Remember the system board or its components could be. IN that case you should send the computer to a repair shop or pop the drive into another computer.

Hope you will get your answer.

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