How do I connect my TV card

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I recently bought a TV card but I don't have a central processing unit all I have is a TFT monitor. 

Would someone share with me how to connect my TV card or is there another hardware I need to buy so as to enjoy my TV shows?

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How do I connect my TV card


Hi there,

No hardware needs to buy for this purpose. You have enough hardware for this. All you need to do is to connect your TV card properly with your monitor. No big deal just follows simple steps.

1. Connect your monitor with power cable and turn on it.

2. Then connect TV card with power cable. You nay need an adapter for this.

3. Then connect monitor’s VGA cable with TV cards VGA port. That shows blue on both sides.

4. Now turn on power of TV card with remote control or manually.

All is done. Now just enjoy your TV shows. 

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How do I connect my TV card


TV card is used to let you watch TV using your computer. This TV card will act like a tuner and a TV antenna. After the installation, your computer has a software used to scan for channel and you should be able to watch programmed channel on TV accordingly.

To install the TV card is so technical. You need to have the guts to open your computer casing openly. Look for specific slots inside your Motherboard, insert it to the corresponding ports. See screenshots for details.

Secure the cords in the right position, screw the this Tv card to secure the physical set-up. Close the computer casing by the use of star of flat screw.

Install the CD driver for your newly installed TV card hardware. Follow the installation wizard and this should guide you through the installation.

You can also do it manually by going to the steps listed below;

Go Start, Control Panel

Click on Hardware and Sound

Select Device Manager

Click on Scan for Hardware changes icon located above

An installation wizard will pop-up and insert the CD driver. Follow the instructions and that should be it.

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