How to Disable Sending Error Report on Windows XP ?

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Hi Experts,

I have a question. I want to Disable Sending Error Report on Windows XP.

Because it creates many problems for me. So I want to disable it forever.

Please me the way of Disable Send Error Report on Windows XP.

Thank you.

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How to Disable Sending Error Report on Windows XP ?


Hi There,

Windows XP Error Reporting system is sometimes very annoying when it works and captures all the system's resources. You need to do the following steps to disable this function.

Click on My Computer And Press "ALT + Enter".

My computer And Press "alt + Enter"-Advanced" tab And click on "Error Reporting

In System Properties. Select the "Advanced" tab And click on "Error Reporting" Button under the "Startup and Recovery" head.

There you will see the window like the picture below.

Startup and Recovery-disable error reporting

By default the windows XP is set to "enable error reporting" on programs malfunctions and windows operating system problems.

You can check the "disable error reporting" radio box and click "ok" to disable the windows error reporting system.

Hope this may help you.

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How to Disable Sending Error Report on Windows XP ?


Hi there,

Most of the users find error reporting irritating and annoying, here is the way to disable error reporting.

1) Click Start >> Control panel >> Performance and maintenance >> click system.

Click Start>>Control panel>> Performance and maintenance >> click system.

2) On the advanced tab as above you will see an error reporting button at bottom.

3) Check “disable error reporting.

Check “disable error reporting

Peoples do consider error reporting annoying but they're an option in it where you can select error reporting for the specific programs which can help you know if something is wrong with the application.

For example antivirus out of date and automatic shutting down of firewall may alert you about the declining system performance.


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How to Disable Sending Error Report on Windows XP ?


Error reporting on Windows does annoys user whenever they pop-up however, this sometimes helps you what to work on your computer. This serves as a reference that there is something wrong on your computer.

You can disable this feature and it won't let you see this pop-up again. However, it'll give you no update on what might happen in the future if the computer gets an error. It might surprise you next that some components of your computer get corrupted or it's not functioning or any alike if this feature is disabled.

Do the steps below to disable this feature:

  • Go to Start and go to start search.
  • Type gpedit.msc and press enter key.
  • This Opens Local Group Policy Editor.
  • Scroll down and look for Windows Error Reporting.
  • A highlight on this option.
  • On right panel, click on Disable Windows Error Reporting.
  • Change it to Not Configured to Enabled then Apply the settings to take effect of the changes.

This step should let you disable error reporting.

Disable Windows Error Reporting.
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How to Disable Sending Error Report on Windows XP ?


To disable error reporting in Windows XP, right-click on My Computer and click on Properties. You will be prmpted with the screen below. Then go to Advanced tab and click on Error Reporting button.

System Properties Advanced Settings

You will see the screen below, tick on the Disable Error Reporting option and check the But notify me when critical errors occur text box. Click the OK button.

Disable error reporting

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