How to change the icons of my windows?

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I use windows XP as my operating system and I wanted to change icons of this windows from its default to that.

I customize but I don't know how to do it.

Will you please explain the process to change it?

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How to change the icons of my windows?


The icons present in your system for the folders and other can be changed manually by yourself and but you need the type with ico file extension to apply new icon.

It supports only file of images with only ice extension and this can be done by selecting a folder you are going to change the icon by providing right click on it and then select properties.

In the properties tab move on to the customize tab which can be said as the last tab and in the folder icons there is an option of change icon make use of it and change the icon you needed to display.

Hence after browsing and selecting the icon you apply the settings and then press OK button finally refresh the page to see the icon which you set manually.

Thank you.

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How to change the icons of my windows?


Hi there , 

I think you need help in changing or better customization of the icons for better viewing experience. 

Let me tell you the default set of icons is located inside the shell32 file found in C;/Windows /system32

You can customize in 2 ways : – 

1. Manual method :- 

Right click each folder and then click properties and then customize and then you can choose your custom icons. You can download superb icons from the internet , Just search in Google.

2. Third party method . 

Download Tuneup Utilities latest and install it and it has customization tools that can redefine the extreme ends of your OS.  

I hope that helps

Good luck

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How to change the icons of my windows?


To both of you experts listen and heating and to this site

I really appreciate all of your solutions it really works, now i can default any of my computer.

Thanks so much to all of you guys… 

Good luck to all of you

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