How to Delete a Ghost Mail for MAC?

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I’m having issues with all my mails inmy Apple computer. Can you give me some methods on how to delete ghost mail for MAC? Thank you so much!

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How to Delete a Ghost Mail for MAC?


Hello Kayla,

Good day.

Ghost Mails are mails that are received one from our Inbox and one from Sent items.
This type of mail have the subjects, names, dates but they don’t have message content as in blank message and even if we try to delete it for how many times still it is in our mail and won’t go away.

What I can suggest you to do is to Safe Reboot from the Hard Disk (using your keyboard, hold the “Shift” key down at the booting up process) , by this way we can try to fix the Disk Directory while the radian spinning is processing. Next step is to run the the “Disk Utility” found in “Applications”- “Utilities” then highlight your drive. Select or Click the “Repair Permissions”then move this folder to your Desktop.
Folder Name : /Users/YourUserName/Library/Caches/Mail/
Also move this file : /Users/YourUserName/Library/Mail/Envelope Index
And then Reboot.

If the Safe Reboot still doesn’t work in your case please have these alternative solutions;

The first thing you have to do is to quit Apple Mail if it’s running, then go to your
“~/Library/Mail/” (where “~” is your home folder) in the Finder.
Go to the Mail folder, search for the file named “Envelope Index” this is where all tracked messages are located. Then rename the “Envelope Index” to “Envelope Index Backup” (this is not to trash or delete the file yet because we need it for rebuilding). Next, relaunch the Apple Mail. You’ll see a “Message Import” dialog that says your email account was wiped out and you’re starting all over. If you see this message Don’t panic and just relax for you are simply rebuilding the Envelope Index at this time. Then click “Continue” to rebuild the index.
Once it’s done, all those ghost messages will be gone the next time you perform a search in Mail. You will never see them again. You can then go back to the “~/Library/Mail/” folder in the Finder and move the file you renamed to “Envelope Index Backup” to the Trash.

And there you have it.


I hope this will really help you . 

Thanks and Have a great day. 


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