How to create your own cloud server using online tools?

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Are there any advanced technologies that can provide us free storage accessible from anywhere at any time just by having an Internet connection? If any of you have tried any software previously, then please tell how to create your own cloud server?

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How to create your own cloud server using online tools?


The most fundamental tools available for our use to create our own cloud storage that forgo the use of third-party server; so that our data is safe to us have been described here. Read on to find out:

1. Bittorrent Sync-

You just have to configure a folder that can act as a drop-off point where you can sync all your files and can access them from any other device.

2. pClouds-

It is a personal cloud solution for the sharing of files between OS X and iOS. It also requires you to sign up to its beta program, and has a simple file management app for mobiles.

3. Cozy-

It lets you to maintain your documents using your own web apps. It supports the platforms like Virtualbox, Raspberry Pi, Open VZ, etc.

4. SparkleShare-

It uses git to maintain all your data. It is the premium solution for the type of documents that goes through a lot of changes.

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