What is the future of cloud computing? knowledgeable IT expert

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I was wondering if some knowledgeable IT expert could give an overview of the potential of cloud computing to become a mainstream computing platform for delivering IT solutions to businesses and individuals. What advantages does cloud computing provide to businesses or the individual? Has cloud computing achieve any advances in terms of patronage and if so, would this trend continue into the future? Is there an alternative competitor to cloud computing?

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What is the future of cloud computing? knowledgeable IT expert


1. Cloud computing is a type of computer service which provides data storage on a remote system.
2. Anyone can store or share application, Data, or Media in cloud.
3. Cloud computing infrastructure consists of services delivered with the use of data centers.
4. Data centers are generally built on computers and some techniques of virtualization.
5. These services are accessible throughout the world from anywhere at any time.
6. You do not have to own infrastructure for it. This is cost saving factor, as you do not have to maintain the infrastructure needed for it.
7. You can pay as per resource consumption. No need to pay for complete service. You can pay as you use the services.
8. It is useful for businesses as well as for individual. For storage of data, you need space and also infrastructure. With the use of cloud computing storing of data is very simple and also cost saving.
9. For sharing documents, cloud is best technique to use. You can share your important documents with anyone with the use of cloud technique. Shared/stored data can be retrieved anytime from any place.
These are some of the benefits of cloud computing which will be useful in future to Individuals and also businesses.

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