How to create rotating video avi Windows?

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Hello Experts,

How to create rotating video avi windows? And what is the best software on creating videos which has a feature to allow the user to rotate the video or any part of the video that can be edited? I need some ways or a step by step instruction for me to follow and to get my own video. I am using windows 7 operating system.

Thank you.

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How to create rotating video avi Windows?


Hi Charles Marry, I suggest you to use Windows Movie Maker. Provided is the link if you don’t have it yet on your computer. Step by step procedure on how to rotate AVI clips using Window 7 OS.

1. Launch Windows Movie Maker

2. Search the AVI video clip that you wanted to rotate using the Windows Explorer window by double clicking it.

3. On the lowest part of the window, there you will see “Timeline”, drag your AVI clip into the timeline.

4. This time, you can now rotate the clip depending on your preference.

5. Go to File, then click “save movie”, then save it to my computer. Click “Next”, it will then show you the new name of the file where you wanted to save it, click “Next “, and then hit “Next” again. Then click “Finish” after successfully saving the new rotated video clip.

6. Exit.

Windows Movie Maker

To view the new file, select “My computer” and select the folder where the new rotated clip was saved. Other options are vlc and virtualdub that also works great in rotating AVI video clips, you may try this link too.

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How to create rotating video avi Windows?



You can create videos in windows Movie Maker. In Windows Movie Maker You can rotate your videos and many more. Here I am giving you complete process to rotate your video.
Step 1. Start Windows Movies Maker and import you movie file.
Step 2. After that right click on movie file and select Effect and scroll down and you will see Rotate Option.
Step 3. Use this option and Flip it to degree angle Depending on your requirement.
Step 4. And finally Click on Save Button.

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