How To Create A Group Policy Drive Mapping?

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I want to map drives on individual system by using batch programs and those bat files need to be stored to each system using the group policy drive mapping.

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How To Create A Group Policy Drive Mapping?


You can create a drive mapping batch file by the following steps.

Step 1: open notepad application in Windows and type

@echo off

net use <map-letter>:\<server-name><shared-folder-name> <password> /user:<domain><user-name>


For example:

net use P: \TechyVServer123g$ pASswOrD

/user:TechyVITAdmin /persistent:yes

Step 2: Save the file as mapdrive.bat in the required folder

Step 3: When you require to open the mapped drive or create one you can double click the batch file.

Step 4: Finally place these batch files to each system by using shared folders or shared connection.

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