How to create free ping sweep Linux Windows?

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 I am using remote connection for network frequently . The system that I connected wasn't having administrative privileges after creating ping sweep . That is wasting my time when it is time to download software. So, I need to know immediately how can I create free ping sweep Linux windows?





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How to create free ping sweep Linux Windows?




As you know, the term "ping sweep" is a technique that can help a System Administrator establish a range of IP addresses used to find out, within a range of IP addresses, which ones map to live computers. There are many tools out there with ping sweep capability. Well-known tools include nmap for Unix/Linux systems, and the Pinger software for Windows. On Unix or Linux, you can do it even without having to use any tool at all.
Simply open a terminal session and execute the following command.
for v in `seq 1 255`; do ping -c 1 10.123.192.$v | tr \n ' ' | awk '/1 received/ {print $2}'; done
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