How to create a flash stop countdown timer?

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I have little information and experience with  Action Script. I want to use that experience  to create a flash stop countdown timer that does not only stops at 00.00 but also in a specific time. this make take some time to do but I hope someone in here can offer some assistance.

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How to create a flash stop countdown timer?





Please refer following actionscript code.


Var targetdate:date = new Date(2010,8,25,15);

addEventListner(event.enter_Frame, loop);


Function loop(E:event):void



Var nowdate:date = new date();

Var ms:number = targetdate.gettime() – nowDate.gettime();

Var sec:Number = Math.floor(ms/1000);

Var min:number = Math.floor(sec/60);

Var hr.Number =Math.floor(min/60);

Var day:Number = Math.floor(hr/24);


Sec=sec % 60;

Min = min % 60;

Hr = hr%24;



Hrtxt.text=(hr<10)? “0”+ hr.tostring() : hr.tostring();

mintxt.text=(hr<10)? “0”+ min.tostring() : min.tostring();

sextxt.text=(hr<10)? “0”+ sec.tostring() : sec.tostring();





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