How to delete SQL script in SQL server 2000 edition?

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Dear Techyv members. Please tell me how to delete SQL script in SQL server 2000 edition. How can I make this possible? Is there a step by step guide for this? Please kindly give me an overview for this kind of scripting. I would appreciate it if you will also include some of the issues and errors that could occur during the deletion process. 

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How to delete SQL script in SQL server 2000 edition?



There are different ways of deleting data from a table.

DELETE FROM TABLE_X deletes all data from a given table and should not have any issues in terms of performance with a well-structured table.

You may also want to delete only data that meets a given criteria e.g. deleting duplicate records. Best example is to use MAX(ID) to get the duplicates and nest the sub query in a delete statement.

As for SQL Server 2000 your best option is to use SET ROWCOUNT for deleting specific count of data rows.

Known issues start with the DELETE permissions which can be assigned to a specific user.

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