Redundant Automated Task Scheduling system

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I have been using crontabs for a simple automation of scripts. I was wondering if there were any products out there which would help to manage this in a better manner for redundancy and/or high availability. Perhaps storing the jobs in a database, so the system can be easily recovered if it fails, and having the system query the database for the jobs and timeframes for execution.




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Redundant Automated Task Scheduling system


Hello Dyanne,

If you are having any problems during the process, then it is most likely due to security update 2305420 that was introduced in the application. This causes it to have multiple triggers generated incorrectly in the scheduled task, and therefore to resolve the issue you will need to get rid of the update.




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Redundant Automated Task Scheduling system



Hi there user:

You can do it using your Windows.

Click Start and then All Programs. Go to Accessories and find the System Tools.

Now click Scheduled Task. Right-click the Add-Scheduled Task and Select, a dialogue box will appear, just click Next.

Choose the program you want or need to run, then again click Next. Now you’ll see the options of how to schedule it. Set. Then after setting-up, create a password, click Next and then Finish.

You can do it (as you requested) using System Scheduler software. Here’s where to download it.

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