How to copy/paste text and graphics on the website?

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I frequently save interesting information I find on the internet or newsletters, I get through email by copying and pasting them on a new document. These are text and/or graphics which I copy using Ctrl C and pasting it on a new document using Ctrl V. I usually get the text and/or graphics exactly as they appeared in the source. However, when I copied from your website, the text was underscored. When I tried copying the information using “Paste Special” then saving it as .rtf, the text was not underscored but there were no graphics. Can you tell me the best way to save text and graphics exactly as they appeared on your website?

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How to copy/paste text and graphics on the website?


Hello Haney,


To be able to solve your issue, from internet explorer or mozilla firefox you should save the webpage first as mht file. You can edit the file on MS word and can also copy and paste one file into another. Microsoft word.

Or you can perform the following:

  • Customize the settings of your internet explorer security
  • Enable the copy and paste or drop and drag option
  • Go to tools, internet option, general tab, and then finally the settings button.
  • Set Automatically below the "check for newer version of stored pages"
  • You can do the same with Mozilla Firfox

Take a look at the image below to enlighten you on what I'm trying to say;




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