Collecting korean flash children story for a project

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I am collecting Korean flash children story for a project. Could anyone provide me best websites where I can find such stories?

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Collecting korean flash children story for a project


Hello James,

Good Day!!! I would just like to ask what you're going to do with the Flash video file? Will you be downloading it or just browse plain browsing. Anyway, I've found few sites wherein they are promoting children stories popular in Korea. Though I can't understand what was written on one of the sites, I'm pretty sure it's written in Korean language, because I've tried translating it with Google Translator. Below are the Korean Websites:



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Collecting korean flash children story for a project


Korean flash children’s stories are also available on Android Smartphones. Flash children’s story 1 from BindApp Service is an example of the application. It includes different stories like:

  • A fool grasps a tiger
  • The ants and grasshopper
  • A foolish tiger
  • The lazy young man and foolish swallow
  • A foolish fox
  • The dog and wolf
  • A smart donkey
  • A foolish farmer
  • The people who see a mirror for the first time
  • The foolish frog
  • An abandoned donkey
  • The fox and tiger
  • The fox and crane
  • The foolish old codger
  • The Monkey King

Another application also from BindApp Service is the Flash children’s story 2. The stories it includes are:

  • The wolf wears a sheepskin
  • The price of smell 1
  • The price of smell 2
  • Sun and Wind
  • Mole son-in-law 1
  • Mole son-in-law 2
  • The donkey carrying a salt
  • The goblin’s cap 1
  • The goblin’s cap 2
  • The snail
  • Amazing Rotary Quern 1
  • Amazing Rotary Quern 2
  • The three little pigs 1
  • The three little pigs 2
  • The three little pigs 3

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